Investor Relations

Competitive Strengths

Competitive Strengths

Our Directors believe that our competitive strengths are as follows:-
  1. Established presence in the electronics industry in Hong Kong and the PRC

    We have been in the business of distributing and trading electronics components and computer peripherals and products in Hong Kong and the PRC for more than 27 years. We have maintained our competitiveness in the distribution and trading business by broadening our product and service range to satisfy the growing and changing needs of our customers. Over the years we have built a good brand name for our Group through our commitment to provide quality products and services to our customers. This enables us to better market our products to existing and potential customers.

  2. Diversified customer base covering various sectors in the electronics industry in Hong Kong and the PRC

    Since we commenced our business, we have established a diversified customer base comprising more than 1,000 customers which include MNCs, contract manufacturers, electronic product manufacturers, traders, retailers and business corporations, most of which are located in Hong Kong and in the PRC. Through established and sustained course of dealings with our customers, we believe that we have good working relationships with our customers which enable us to distribute our products in Hong Kong and the PRC markets efficiently.

  3. Established distribution channels in Hong Kong and the PRC

    In order to provide efficient and prompt services to customers, we are supported by our sales offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen and our liaison offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou. Our sales offices and liaison offices are managed by locals who have the relevant experience and are familiar with the electronics industry in the respective markets.

  4. Established relationships with our suppliers

    We have established good working relationships with our suppliers as a result of our ability to promote their products through value-added services such as warehousing, just-in-time delivery, buffering and technical support services to our customers.

  5. Technical capabilities in the development of IC software application design solutions

    We have a team of approximately 70 field application design engineers responsible for providing customised IC software application design solutions and other engineering technical support to our customers. Our technical capabilities have allowed us to implement a demand creation business model. Instead of reacting to the component requirements of our customers, our design engineers work closely with our sales team to pro-actively create demand for the components we distribute.

  6. Ability to generate opportunities

    We believe that our close relationships with our suppliers and customers and our technical capabilities will allow us to source components and introduce solutions with appropriate technology content that is in line with the changing needs of our customers and thereby generating opportunities.

  7. Experienced, dedicated and competent management team

    We have an experienced management team led by our Executive Directors, Philip Ng, Raymond Ng and Eugene Lee. Our Executive Directors are assisted by an experienced team of Executive Officers. Our Executive Directors and Executive Officers have in-depth industry knowledge with regards to customers’ preferences and requirements, sources of electronic components and other aspects of the electronics industry. Their product knowledge, business network and strong management capabilities are vital to our continued growth and future development.